Volunteer Program

Are you looking for new experiences and challenges? Do you want to meet new people and make new friends? Are you keen to help make events successful and contribute to the Monash graduate student community and beyond? Get involved today!

About the MGA Volunteer Program

Our volunteers are integral to our orientation program, social events and sport groups run by the MGA. As well as keeping the MGA operational, our volunteers are exposed to new experiences and develop skills that will help them in their future careers, including communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork and time management.

Volunteering is also a great way to meet other like-minded people, gain an insight into the work we do and give back to the graduate student community. There are also opportunities to contribute to the wider Melbourne community through our outreach program.

All current Monash graduate students from all campuses and off-campus locations are eligible to volunteer with us! There are online volunteering opportunities, so if you are located overseas because of the COVID-19 restrictions, we still want to hear from you!

What to expect in 2022

We’re working hard behind the scenes to broaden our program in 2022 so that we can give back to you, our volunteers who have given us so much. Benefits will include various awards as well as professional development courses to broaden your volunteering portfolios.

These are few of our new initiatives for 2022:

  • A tiered reward system will be introduced where volunteers can unlock extra benefits after completing additional hours of volunteering. For example, at 10 hours of volunteer work, volunteers will have access to certain professional development courses paid by the MGA.
  • New fun and exciting volunteering opportunities with external non-for-profit organisations or charities where you will have the opportunity to test out your new skills, widen your networks and be part of your local community.

Stay tuned to this page for more information in early 2022!

Volunteer Appreciation

Here are a few ways we like to show our appreciation for MGA volunteers:

      • We hold social events exclusive to the MGA volunteer community throughout the year as a way for you to connect and celebrate with each other!
      • Upon completion of 20+ hours of volunteering, an MGA volunteer will receive a certificate of appreciation at the end of the year.

Volunteers are required to fill in the hours they have contributed through the online volunteer hour log. This must be completed within 24 hours of completing an activity so that the program leader can verify their hours. We will provide these details at the beginning of the year.

Interested to volunteer?

There are many opportunities to volunteer with the MGA! All current Monash graduate students from all campuses and off-campus locations are eligible to volunteer with us. Enrolments for the program will close after Week 3 of each semester.

You can register your interest HERE.

Once you have completed and submitted your registration, you will start receiving opportunities throughout the year.

If the program is at full capacity then you will be added to the reserve list to commence in the following semester.

For any queries regarding the MGA volunteer program, please contact the Volunteer Program Officer:

Leilani Duong
E: leilani.duong@monash.edu

Volunteer Awards Night

The MGA is fortunate to have a team of phenomenal volunteers that work hard and dedicate a lot of their time throughout the year. To show our appreciation and gratitude, the MGA hosted its first ever Volunteer Awards Night in 2018. Click here to read about our Awards Night in 2019.

We are hoping to be able to reintroduce the MGA Volunteer Awards Night again in 2022!

MGA Volunteer Agreement

As a new volunteer with the MGA, you are joining a highly valued and respected team of students. As a part of your commitment, there are certain rights and responsibilities you need to be aware of and abide by.

You can read the MGA Volunteer Agreement here.

If you have any queries about the agreement, please contact the MGA Volunteer Program Officer.

Leilani Duong
E: leilani.duong@monash.edu

Community Outreach Program

The MGA has a community outreach program that enables students to contribute to the local community.

Please register to be a volunteer in 2022 HERE to be the first to hear about all the new exciting opportunities coming up under this program.